Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why won't my iPhone open the the panel entrance when I key in a touch tone?

A: Your iPhone is talking to itself.
Actually, the iPhone is getting interference from its own speakers. 
When sound from the speaker reaches the microphone, the slight delay creates an "echo" that in effect, "confuses" the touch tone detection equipment. 
To resolve this, first hit MUTE before switching to the keypad.
Then enter the touch tone number. Remember to hide the keypad again so that you can UNMUTE it before using it again.

Q: I don't have an iPhone, and my cell phone doesn't  have a mute button; so how do I open the panel entrance? 

A: Temporarily turn the speaker volume down on your  handset.  Press the desired key (touch tone).  Turn the volume back up.

Q: What touch tone number opens the entrance?

A: While the number can be anywhere from 1 to 9 (0 is not used in SES products) the most commonly used open tone (the factory default) is the number 6.
If a touch tone 6 does not work, contact the manager of your building for the proper touch tone to use.


Q: Why won’t my computer dial-up modem connect to my SES panel, after I changed my telephone service provider?

 A: If you are changing over from an analog phone line to a VOIP system from alternate telephone service providers such as Comcast, Verizon, or U-Verse, you need to make sure that your telephone line is also capable of sending and receiving faxes.  Some VOIP systems restrict the phone line to voice only and filter out the tones made by dial-up modems and fax machines.  If a phone line will send and receive a fax, then your dial-up modem should in most cases, also send and receive directory data from an SES panel.  Ask your telephone service provider.


Q: My Mobile App keeps crashing or stops working when I try to send a text command or push button to open gate (Error:  SMS app stopped working)! 

A: Go into mobile phone settings / application manager / locate SGMC app and go into permissions / make sure SMS is turned on. (For Android phones only) 

Q: Can I send multiple command functions as one text?

A: Yes. You have to separate each command with “ # ” so the SG Cellular Unit can understand the next command you want to program.  It will accept up to 125 characters.
EXAMPLE:  I want to program a PIN code and a Call Button number  *12*1234#8712525#113054795555#   PIN code = 2525 and Phone number 305-479-5555

Q: Can I use any SIM card for my CSG unit?

A: Yes, as long as it’s a GSM SIM card.  (Global System for Mobile communications)

Q: I don’t get a response from CSG when I text from my cell phone?

-Make sure that the end user has activated the AT&T SIM card that was provided with the unit (talk and text services must be activated).
-Signal strength may be weaker in rural areas and may require a booster antenna.  We provide some antenna recommendations for our SES CSG Models. Call SES for more information at  800.342.5737.

Q: How do I program a PIN and where can I get a list of programming commands for my CSG Unit?

-To program a PIN, Send a text to the phone number provided by GSM service provider,  *12*1234#87(relay number 1 or 2) (4 digit PIN)#. Example: *12*1234#8714455#. *4455 will allow access to relay 1 if programmed correctly. The unit will respond by text with an OK or Error message.
-You can get a programming guide from our website ( or from the QR label located inside the unit.

Q: How many phone numbers can I program into the CSG?

A: The unit can hold up to 3 call button phone numbers. 10 keypad phone numbers. (0-9) 1000 caller ID phone numbers. (0-999).

Q: What is Open Gate on Caller ID?

A: Allows phone numbers to be recognized through Caller ID by the CSG in order to open one of the two relays operated by the CSG.


Q: MY answering machine answers before the CSG rolls over to my next call button number?

A: By default, the CSG comes with a 20 second timer to answer within that time frame the first number that is programmed on the call button.  The timer can be set for 10 seconds to keep the first phone numbers answering machine or voice mail from answering and rolling over to the next phone number. You can also adjust your answering machine to answer after more rings. 

Q: Can a PIN code be programmed to latch open a gate?

A: At this time no.  Engineers are working on providing more functions on future versions of the CSG or updating the firmware to add more features.

Q: Can I program a PIN or a phone number without a SIM card?

A. NO. The SIM card has to be activated by the end user in order for the unit to initialize with the cellphone towers (talk and text must be activated). Once activated, you may program the unit by text. The only programming that can be done from the keypad are 10 personal phone numbers that the end user chooses to allow the CSG to call and control the relay entrances.   

Q: Can I set a Time Schedule for my CSG to open and close a relay entrance?

A. At this time no.  Engineers are working on providing more functions on future versions of the CSG or updating the firmware to add more features.