Technical Support Notes

TSN-010  Installing SES Software onto Macintosh 



TSN-011  Select Gate Software Error List 3.0


TSN-012  How to display OS (Operating System) and
UAC (User Account Control)


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TSN-013  How to display Virtual Store in Windows

 ATA (Analog to Telephone Adapters) Overview 

 TSN-007  Selcom Software Error Codes


TSN-014  Modem Settings for SES Products


TSN-015  How to Configure NIC2 (Network Interface Card)




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TSN-018  Locating and Transferring Select Gate V2 Database Files

TSN-019  How to talk to SES products over the Internet

TSN-020  Connecting multiple NIC's to one external IP address

TSN-022  Locating and Transferring Selcom Database Files from PC to PC



TSN-023  Locating and Transferring TEC Basic Database Files from PC to PC




TSN-027  Typical Windows Run Time error codes when running applications