VoIP / SIP Interface "SVSI"

SES VoIP/SIP Interface (“SVSI”) allow SES CAT and TEC series units to call residents using VoIP and eliminates
phone line or cellular service costs.  When a visitor dials a resident on a CAT or TEC series unit, the call is passed
through VoIP in the cloud to dial the resident.  On answering, the resident can talk to the visitor and then press
the Open Door touch tone on his/her phone to grant access. As in all VoIP applications, the “SVSI” interface only
needs internet access through a local router, a phone connection directly to the CAT/TEC, and power. VoIP services
can be set up with Google Voice (free) or alternatively from a list of other VoIP providers. (*If using other VoIP
providers, ensure that touch  tones are passed by the VoIP service and check for associated service costs.)