Wireless RS485 Mesh for CAT Expansion Modules


A Proprietary 900MHz Wireless RS485 Mesh Transceiver System that connects CAT Series units to their Expansion Modules (CATDR4 and CATRLY8). A pair of RS485 Wireless Transceivers is factory optimized to operate over 900MHz allowing for wireless communication through obstructions or applications where line of sight is not available. Connect the proprietary 900MHz Wireless RS485 Mesh transceiver to its own local CAT or Expansion module, up to 3 CATDR4 and 32 CATRLY8 to communicate by wireless RS485 transceivers creating a multi-link wireless Mesh network.


   • Wireless RS485 Mesh Transceiver Installer Manual


   • Wireless RS485 Mesh Info Sheet







The CAT Card Reader and Relay Expansion Modules are designed to provide greater capability and flexibility to the CAT Series. Use of these modules can expand the standard CAT or CAT Card units to control up to16 doors ( 3 CATDR4’s card reader modules) and 255 relay points ( 32 CATRLY8 relay modules) for applications such as control of elevators, HVAC, lights or other facility control points that require activation or monitoring. (CAT /CAT Card unit must have CATRS485CONVKIT installed).


This capability in addition to having up to 16,200 cards (with individual names), 16 time zones, 16 Access levels and 16 access groups meets a wide variety of applications.

Used with the intuitive latest “SELCOM” software it can be easily programed and monitored via modem or the option IP NIC card. This software has made the CAT series compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 in their 32/64 bit versions. 


























Model:  CATDR4 Provides reader expansion of ANY CAT or CAT Card systems. The wire distance from CAT to the farthest expansion module: 4000 feet. 3 MAX. PER CAT system.




Model:  CATRLY8 Provides relay expansion of ANY CAT or CAT Card system. The wire distance from CAT to the farthest expansion module: 4000 feet.Up to (32) CATRLY8 Modules per CAT system.


   • CATDR4 Manual

   • CATRLY8 Manual



   • CATDR4 and CATRLY8 Product Sheet